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Recycled Drinks Bottle Pens, Make a Mark - by Vent - pack of 2 - from their make 'Make a Mark' range


  • Pens printed with a Make a Mark design
  • Black ink refills
  • Made from recycled single use plastic drinks bottles
  • Made in Italy (EU Quality and Safety assured)
  • Recyclable at their end of life

Available in two colours:

  • Orange


  • Green


Be sure to see our matching journals and pen pouches which we also have available, to make a perfect set!


Every pack of VENT pens sold, helps support children’s education projects globally.  See additional information section.

Recycled Drinks Bottle Pens, Make a Mark - by Vent

  • Proceeds from this notepad go towards Vent's Ambassador for Change Programme, providing free pencils for schools and communities around the world. Also Share a Pencil Day, our Global Education Awareness Day for school children right across the UK. 

    Most importantly, they give 10% from of every item sold to supporting children’s education projects worldwide – that’s not 10% of profit as many organisations do, it’s 10% of the sales value from the first item to the last one sold – that’s their promise.

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